The POPCAKE® machine is the world’s first fully- automatic counter-top pancake making machine. This patented machine cooks fresh, piping-hot pancakes that are 97% fat free at the single press of a button.

The machine uses single-phase standard power supply. Weighing less than 23 kilograms (51 lbs) and standing less than 40cm (16 inches) tall, this compact unit occupies little space within the commercial kitchen.

The machine is easily converted to a front-of-house / buffet counter version with the addition of the optional keypad cover plate. The machine is operated by robust yet simple software allowing the foodservice operator to adjust pancake size; pancake color and pancake stack-size quantity. Standard settings for large (15cm – 5.5″ pancakes), medium (10cm – 4″ pancakes) and mini’s (5cm – 2″ blini-style pancakes).

First conceptualised in the late nineties by Marek Szymanski in Sydney Australia, POPCAKE® is the world’s first commercial-grade automatic pancake making machine.

The concept has evolved through extensive end-user trial and endless hours of in-field testing. Following six years of product development, mass production commenced in early 2008 at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in southern China. The POPCAKE® machine continues to be designed, engineered & developed in Australia.

This rigorous development process has culminated in a robust machine that meets the demands of today’s commercial foodservice industry.

The Opportunity
Globally, over twenty million pancakes are eaten on a daily basis. Traditionally an American breakfast staple, pancakes are currently enjoying increased popularity in many countries around the world.

This increasing popularity is giving rise to many new and exciting ways to serve the most traditional of breakfast and snack food items.

The versatility of the POPCAKE® machine taps directly into this trend by providing a variety of menu items for both the breakfast and day-time snack markets to capture this emerging market demand.

Unlike conventional pancake frying, our patented cooking technology creates a 97% fat-free pancake while maintaining all of the taste and texture of traditional pancakes.

Popcake Foodservice Products Ltd (PFPL)
Headquartered in Hong Kong, PFPL is the exclusive worldwide supplier of the POPCAKE® system.

Our global distribution strategy is to partner with select foodservice distributors in each of the strategic markets around the world (see Sales) to distribute our product.

PFPL is the full-line supplier for the POPCAKE® machine, POPCAKE® mix, POPCAKE® toppings and related products and can provide marketing and programming support for our distributors to ensure successful market penetration and ongoing growth in the respective geographies.